Batman #8 Review

Batman #8 Review

0 By Alan Collahuazo

Batman #8 – Night Of The Owls Part 1


Creative Team

Writers: Scott Snyder (Main Story, Back-Up Co-Writer); James Tynion (Back-Up Co-Writer)

Artists: Greg Capullo (Main Story); Rafael Albuquerque (Back-Up)

Inker: Jonathan Glapion

Colorists: FCO Plascencia (Main Story); Nathan Fairbairn (Back-Up)


When DC Comics first released The New 52 last year, there were some fans upset with the idea of starting from zero again with their favorite characters. In the new Batman series, however, this fresh start appears to have been in the 70-year-old comic icon’s favor. Fresh new characters like the Court Of Owls provide great new adversaries for the caped crusader. The book is looking to start a crossover, the first in The New 52’s short history.


In this inaugural crossover for The New 52,  he’s up against the Court again, in the first part of “Night of the Owls”.
Batman#8 works like a prelude for this crossover, starting with  an injured Bruce Wayne trying to protect Wayne Manor from the Talons. These assassins of the Court Of Owls are planning to kill all of Gotham’s most important civilians, Bruce Wayne himself included. This issue will push Bruce to the limit as it posits the question of whether Batman can save all these people by himself. With Alfred’s help, Batman puts a call out to everyone in the Batman Family, but it may be a bit too late, as some of these people will not survive the night. The Talons and Court Of Owls are proving themselves to be a significant adversary to the Batman Family, and it’s shown that even on his home turf, Batman is indeed vulnerable.


Since Scott Snyder is the main writer for this new Batman, there’s plenty of enjoyable dialogue filled with intrigue. Greg Capullo, the artist for this series, draws the perfect scenes for these dialogues. His art depicting Bruce Wayne fighting for his life in his own home at the hands of the assassins was gripping. Rafael Albuquerque, the back-up artist, put a great new spin on Batman’s suit of armor.
Batman #8 was an enjoyable book and a must-read as Part 1 of the “Night of the Owls”.