Batman #2 Review: The New 52

Batman #2 Review: The New 52

3 By Julian Titus

Batman #2
Written by Scott Snyder
Art by Greg Capullo


I have to say, of all the New 52 books that I’ve read, the stuff that centers around the Gotham City characters have been far and away my favorites. Detective Comics, Batgirl, Catwoman, and Batman have all been great, and the second issues build upon the first ones well.


This is a different Batman than the one I’ve been used to. While he still strikes fear into the hearts of criminals, and he still tasks himself with the impossible mission to clean up Gotham, he doesn’t come across as cold as he used to. After the death of Jason Todd, it seemed like Batman got darker and colder with each passing year, until he was a character that was difficult to like.
This Batman book has an element of adventure and mystery, but makes Bruce Wayne an interesting character. No longer just a façade that allows Batman to exist, Bruce seems to enjoy his life outside of the cowl. He seems to enjoy life in the cowl, too; I can’t think of a time that Batman smiled outside of The Killing Joke, but here he seems to revel in taking down the bad guys.


Batman #2 felt like the comics of my youth. Instead of focusing on splash pages and wall to wall action shots, this comic needs to be read and absorbed. There’s great dialogue, as well as Bruce’s internal monologue during his encounter with the Owl assassin. It seems as if each of the Batman family of comics is introducing new enemies to the tried and true Rogues Gallery, and so far I’m very pleased with all of them. Batman has needed some new challenges for a very long time now, and the villains that appear in Detective, Batgirl, Catwoman, and Batman are all worthy additions.


Greg Capullo is just killing it on this book. Batman is imposing and heroic, and Bruce Wayne looks every bit the playboy that he pretends to be. I’m a little confused on how small in stature he draws Nightwing. After all, he was Batman on more than one occasion in the past, and most people didn’t notice the difference. It’s a minor quibble though; Capullo’s art is a fantastic addition to this book, and his design for the Owls is iconic and unique. If you only pick up one book from DC, let it be Batman.