ASTRO Gaming Announces New A1 Pro Gaming Headset

ASTRO Gaming Announces New A1 Pro Gaming Headset

0 By Jason Matthew

ASTRO Gaming has unveiled a revolutionary new headset and mixamp today. The ASTRO A1 Headset and MixAmp for the SEGA Genesis video game console. This groundbreaking headset is being touted as “the next-gen smash for your last-gen console”, delivering new dimensions in sound and communication to your gaming experience.


The A1 Headset is highly comfortable and adjustable for long-term gaming sessions.  Featuring custom 10mm drivers with dynamic elements for extended frequency response, the A1 exposes audio details in your games you never knew were there.  The A1 also includes a sensitive uni-directional microphone allowing you to communicate with gamers all over the country via the XBand network.



The A1 MixAmp provides gamers with full analog controls over both game sounds and voice chat, allowing each to be set independently.

Plugging right into the headphone jack on the front of your SEGA Genesis console, the A1 MixAmp delivers crystal-clear 16-bit audio with 8KB of dedicated audio RAM.  To really bring your games to life the A1 MixAmp features 6-channel stereo ASTRO Gaming Surround sound (AGS) for spatial precision and total immersion.




  • 16-Bit Audio Quality – Hear every detail, from ring pickups to digitized voices.


  • Stylish and Comfortable – Perfectly compliments your SEGA Genesis gaming console.  Unmatched comfort designed for extended gaming sessions.


  • Controls at Your Fingertips – Easily accessible controls allow quick balancing of game sounds and voice chat. Plugs in quickly and easily to your Genesis console.


  • Surround Sound – Incredible spatial effects utilizing ASTRO’s proprietary audio formula.


  • Noise Canceling Microphone – Communicate directly with other gamers using the A1’s sensitive mic.


  • Premium ASTRO Construction – Made of our real plastic that’s nice and shiny too.




Frequency Response:              15-25,000 Hz

Impedance:                             60 ohms

Sensitivity:                               101 db SPL / 1W

Cable:                                      Copper, 3ft

Weight:                                   150g

Ear Coupling:                          Over-Ear

Headband Pressure:                2N

Distortion:                               Less than 1%

Mic:                                         1mm uni-directional noise-cancelling


Reviewer Accolades:


“Joe Montana football never sounded so real.  And being able to let my NBA Jam opponent know what I thought of his weak game over Xband is revolutionary.”

— Electronic Gaming Monthly, August 1995


“The gold standard of Genesis headsets.  The surround sound effects in Sonic the Hedgehog will have you looking over your shoulder for Dr. Robotnik.”

— Next Generation, June 1995


“Holy shit it was like Aladdin was right there in the room with us.  And with Mortal Kombat you can literally hear every bone breaking.”

— Gamefan, July 1995