As I Lay Dying Respond To Tim Lambesis’ Arrest

As I Lay Dying Respond To Tim Lambesis’ Arrest

0 By Jason Matthew

As I Lay Dying have issued a statement on their Facebook page concerning lead singer Tim Lambesis’ arrest in a murder for hire plot.


UPDATE: UT San Diego has uncovered Meggan Lambesis’ filed divorce papers, which shed a bit of light on the situation. Apparently Tim became “obsessed” with weightlifting and never spent any time with his three adopted children.


“She wrote in the court papers that in the previous several months, she had seen changes in her husband’s behavior “that concern me regarding his ability to care for our three children.”

The couple had adopted two girls at ages 6 and 8 in 2011 and a 1-year-old boy in 2009, all from Ethiopia.

“Specifically,” Meggan Lambesis wrote, “he has become obsessed with bodybuilding and spends a great deal of time lifting weights, hanging out in the gym, and being unavailable to the children.””


As I Lay Dying have issued a statement on their Facebook page with the following message:


“To our fans,

As we post this, the legal process is taking its course and we have no more information than you do. There are many unanswered questions, and the situation will become clearer in the coming days and weeks. We’ll keep you informed as best we can.

Our thoughts right now are with Tim, his family, and with everyone else affected by this terrible situation – and with our fans, whom we love and draw strength from.

Thank you for understanding, and as always, for your support of As I Lay Dying.

– Jordan, Nick, Phil, and Josh”


Original story follows:


Apparently Tim Lambesis of metal band As I Lay Dying has attempted to have his wife killed. It seems he sought out someone to commit the act, and that person just happened to be an undercover police officer.


According to a statement from the San Diego County Sheriff’s Department, thirty-two year old Lambesis (who also sings for the bands Austrian Death Machine and Pyrithion) was taken into custody on Tuesday in Oceanside, California, after attempting to solicit help from the detective. Apparently, police had previously learned Lambesis was seeking someone who could commit the crime, according to the department.


Tim Lambesis of As I Lay Dying Arrested In Murder For Hire Plot


San Diego County Sheriff’s Department spokeswoman Jan Caldwell said,”The information came to us late last week. We acted quickly on it. I believe that we averted a great tragedy.”


Caldwell stated that since this is an ongoing investigation, she could not disclose any details about why Lambesis might have wanted to have his wife murdered or how the police gained information about what they described as his murder plan.


Lambesis’ wife, Meggan, filed divorce papers in San Diego Superior Court in September 2012 seeking a dissolution of marriage, according to an online court database.


This is hard to believe, as Tim always came off as a really nice guy. Hopefully this isn’t where that Kickstarter money was going… We’ll definitely keep you updated as the story develops.