Artist Spotlight – Joshua Michael McLaughlin

Artist Spotlight – Joshua Michael McLaughlin

0 By Rick Bakker

We spoke with Joshua Michael McLaughlin about his new album 10 Songs, now available through Saturation Records.


Artist Spotlight focuses on new underground artists looking to break out in their local music scenes. Joshua Michael McLaughlin hails from Atlantic City, NJ whose new album 10 Songshas just been released by Saturation Records.  10 Songs features Josh’s eclectic musical influences; a mix of  rock over electronic soundscapes matched with a voice that recalls Tom Petty’s prime years, culminating in an original sound. We recently spoke with Josh about his debut album and his inspirations.


Metal Arcade: How long did it take to write and record the album?


Josh Michael McLaughlin: All but one of the tracks were done in one take- guitar, vocals and lyrics all improvised on the spot. Only one track in the middle of the album took multiple takes and all of the lyrics were made up as I sang them. Energy drinks played a role in the creative process. I picked up the guitar and just started playing.


MA: Where was it recorded?

JMM:  It was recorded in Brigantine, New Jersey on a beach block. All tracks were recorded at night around 10:45 PM.


MA: What live shows have you done and what future dates are scheduled?
JMM: As a musician I have been performing live shows for years, almost 10 years. I’ve played venues in the northeast including The Stone Pony, The Saint, The Loop Lounge, NYC’s The Continental, Philly’s Pontiac Grille, The Barbarry Saloon, The Khyber, some smaller venues. I’m getting ready to do some live shows again, really excited to be back performing.


MA: What college radio stations is your music heard on?


JMM: 103.3 WPRB Princeton will be the first to receive a copy of the album-  my good friend was a DJ there about 10 years ago, his name was Ben Powell and he was a really great guy.  He was the youngest DJ ever to have his own show on the station. He played all the music that influenced me when I was 16 years old, I am 27 now so this is going back 11 years.  Anyway, he introduced me to all this great music and I would hang out on Friday or Saturday nights sometimes when he was doing his shows. His show was called Strong Little Legs.  A lot of people from the Princeton area probably remember it.  Tragically, Ben passed away in a car accident in a snow storm- it still makes me sad to think about it, but I feel like even with all the hard stuff that happens in life you just have to keep creating and that is why I made this album. It’s about real things and real experiences and living life for the sake of being alive.


Joshua Michael McLaughlin’s 10 Songs can be heard streaming on Spotify, and purchased on Amazon, Itunes, CDBaby and Emusic. Check out his Facebook and Twitter for future updates and live show information.