Are Microsoft Contractors Manipulating Reddit’s Xbox One Comments?

Are Microsoft Contractors Manipulating Reddit’s Xbox One Comments?

1 By Jason Matthew

¬†According to a post on Reddit, Microsoft is doing some pretty shady “reputation management” to paint the Xbox One in a better light on social media.


According to Redditor mistysilver, Microsoft has been doing some pretty underhanded stuff lately. Supposedly, amid all the Xbox One hate and DRM backlash, Microsoft has hired teams to go onto the social news site and do massive upvoting, downvoting, and add pro-Xbox One comments to make it appear as though the general public is in favor of the Xbox One.


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Misty Silver didn’t reveal their identity, but made the following statement, which has since been deleted, along with many of the comments: “I work for a marketing firm in Redmond that has a contract with Microsoft. I can’t say specifically which division, but suffice to say we are not involved with the Xbox.” They claim that they witnessed the firm doing “reputation management”, whereupon companies are paid to go on social media sites and pose as satisfied customers for a company, and make their competition look bad. Misty Silver continued, remarking about seeing the shady practices firsthand from an employee, “I noticed he was mass-downvoting a ton of posts and comments, and he kept switching to other tabs to make posts and comments of his own. I couldn’t make out exactly what he was posting, but I presumed he was doing RM (reputation management) and asked my boss about it later. According to my boss, MS have[sic] just brought in a huge sweep of SMM managers to handle reputation management for the Xbox One.”


What do you think about all this? Of course Microsoft vehemently denies that they did anything of the sort, but it’s certainly strange how many comments in that Reddit thread were deleted by mods. One commenter noted, “What the **** happened here? Looks like some accounts got busted and deleted or something…”