Archer & Armstrong #9 Review

Archer & Armstrong #9 Review

0 By Nate Gray

Ghosts of the past are the theme in Archer & Armstrong #9 , for better and worse.


Archer & Armstrong #9 ReviewWhen we last left off with Archer & Armstrong, poor Kay had a bit of wood caught in her throat, courtesy of Archer.  He gave her ‘the shaft’. He poked her….in the throat…with…alright, I’m done. Archer shot Kay through the throat with a wooden arrow, severing her vocal cords and diminishing her ability to speak with Mother Earth.


Ghosts of the past are the theme in Archer & Armstrong #9 , for better and worse. Kay’s predecessors make an appearance in what is hopefully one of the few deus ex machina moments in the story, her severed vocal cords becoming instead a precursor to even greater potential. Meanwhile two particularly nasty and troublesome members of Archer’s past become the prelude to future turmoil and angst, considering their vessel of choice.


Despite the above, for me the highlight was actually the growth of the relationship between Armstrong and his brother Gilad. Over the past few issues, their forced teamwork seems to have broken down some walls between them. Gilad’s normally gung-ho attitude is placated at Armstrong’s request, the former seeming to consider the feelings of the latter. Meanwhile Armstrong leaps literally through fire and devastation to help his brother when felled. Their relationship has become something bordering on supportive, and what’s striking is how this was developed and nurtured over time, through battle. It’s a testament to the writing that the connection was allowed to happen so naturally and convincingly. As much as I enjoyed watching ‘Gilly’ get pummeled when he was first introduced, I’m now sad to see him go.


As this chapter of Archer & Armstrong comes to a close, more is yet to come, particularly for Archer. While the current threat has long-since been introduced, Archer has remained ignorant to its presence. If the final panel is any clue, that won’t be the case much longer.