Archer & Armstrong #8 Review

Archer & Armstrong #8 Review

0 By Nate Gray

Major turning points ahead in the newest issue of Archer & Armstrong.


Archer & Armstrong #8 Review Cover Large Valiant Comics There are some seriously major turning points ahead in the newest issue of Archer & Armstrong.  Kay slips well into her semi-symbiotic role with Mother Nature, at least until she is confronted with the truth of Nature’s vested interest in the world. Meanwhile, Archer deals with some of his own inner turmoil, as the consequences of actions outside of his control rear their head and force him to turn on his allies- especially Kay- in ways that may cause irreparable damage to the team and their mission.


The relationship between Armstrong and his brother Gilad has simmered, at least for now, from ‘frenemy’ territory to something bordering on familial. By this I mean they are constantly annoyed with one another and whisper words of hatred under their breath, but don’t really mean it. Mostly. Maybe.


Meanwhile, the person I was most curious about in my last article has finally reared her head again. What she is plotting and how it relates to the team is difficult to determine at this point however, as though she offers one hell of a bounty to the Null, her actions and prior allegiances make me wonder if this is merely a front for bigger things. My money is on the latter.


The next issue of Archer & Armstrong  can’t get here fast enough, especially after the last few panels of Issue #8. As a new character, seemingly in the form of a concept, is born into the story, it places yet another thread in a growing web of stories spiraling toward an explosive center. Nature approaches the woes of the world from a rational perspective; we are after all one of many species and many more before us have been wiped, only for new species to blossom afterward. How this works out with Kay, obviously attempting to save humanity yet also the voice of Nature, remains to be seen. If the team thought the Null were a powerful enemy, imagine them taking on Nature herself? Of course, they have to deal with Archer, first…