Archer & Armstrong #10 Review

Archer & Armstrong #10 Review

0 By Nate Gray

With some last minute guidance from Gilad, Archer & Armstrong head off to – where else  – Area 51.


Archer & Armstrong 10 Review Valiant ComicsAnd thus begins a new arc! When we last saw Valiant Comics’ Archer & Armstrong, they were wrapping up a fight against the would-be destructors of all things that are things, The Null. That fight hasn’t necessarily ended, but the story has shifted towards character exploration and development, our dynamic duo beginning a search for the origins of Archer’s history and powers.  With some last minute guidance from Armstrong’s brother, Gilad, the pair head off to where else but Area 51. Generally, I’m not one for spoilers but…don’t get your hopes up for the alien on the cover. As cute a companion as he’d make, it seems it wasn’t meant to be. Poor thing.


Moving on, Mary-Maria finally makes a true appearance, the (amusing) conversation between the voices in her head suggesting she’s not completely powerless in her thoughts and actions. Ending up in front of a large and odd artifact, Armstrong’s usual comedic timing strikes again, realizing how dangerous it is just in time for the group to succumb to its power. Where we go from here is anyone’s guess but, if the last page is any indication, their newest enemy could use a bit of dinner etiquette.


Side note: Archer strapped to Armstrong in a baby front-pack made me shoot coffee from my nose. Just wanted to share that.