Archer & Armstong #7 Review

Archer & Armstong #7 Review

0 By Nate Gray

In Archer & Armstong #7, “The Null” and their plans come to light.


Archer & Armstong #7 CoverI can’t tell you how pleased I was to see Archer & Armstrong #7 sitting in my inbox. It was a bit like Christmas, and not just because I live on the East Coast and am currently buried under more snow would ever be necessary. But I digress…


When we last left off with Valiant Comics’ Archer & Armstong, our favorite semi-heroic duo were on the run from Armstrong’s much cooler yet slightly homicidal brother, Gilad. Previously perturbed at the death of the last living Geomancer, a woman named ‘Kay’ takes the Geomancer’s place at the perfect moment, saving herself from the 1% and a rapidly sinking aquatic coffin with cool, floating glowingness.


Archer & Armstong #7 offers little time for introductions as a group, called “The Null”, and their plans come to light- stirring Gilad into motion in an epic moment involving a car and intense amounts of Armstrong jealousy. The story gets more intense from there, with Archer asking Kay for a favor that potentially sheds just a little too much light on Archer’s potential. With the boy’s origins in question, and the mystical nature of Kay’s powers, Archer’s previous comments about the number ‘0’ seem hardly coincidental.


The story is shaping up beautifully, the addition of characters working suitably to enhance and support the main duo. Both Kay and Gilad round out the cast well, Gilad’s more serious demeanor adding depth to his brother Armstrong’s normally more cavalier personality. Armstrong, for his part, refuses to admit that his brother is more capable than he is, and despite pretense shows pain when Gilad verbally attacks him. For her part, Kay holds her own in the boys club while, thankfully, avoiding the damsel in distress syndrome; hopefully, it stays that way. There’s still a lot of question surrounding our antagonists, specifically how “The Null” fits in with the 1%, whether they are the face of the group or merely a sect within a sect.


Meanwhile, Archer’s previous love interest remains at large with powers untested and unchecked. Whether she becomes an ally or a hindrance remains unseen, but I’m looking forward to seeing how Archer reacts when he learns she’s still alive. I may be looking too far ahead, but considering what happened to Armstrong and his brothers in her situation, and what Kay saw in Archer, it seems unlikely the reunion will be a happy one.