Aquaman #25 Review

Aquaman #25 Review

0 By Jason Matthew

Aquaman #25 Review DC Comics FullGeoff Johns’ run on DC Comics’ Aquaman series has been well-regarded. His chapter in the character’s saga comes to a close with Aquaman #25, a worthy send-off that delivers solid writing, incredible artwork and a feeling of closure.


Aquaman #25 sees Arthur Curry finally facing off against the Dead King Atlan, rescuing Mera from imprisonment and turning the tide of battle with King Atlan’s own scepter, allowing him control over the Trench. The epic showdown is brought to life by Paul Pelletier’s stellar artwork – Aquaman has never looked like such a badass. Seriously, the two-page spread with Aquaman summoning the Trench, sharks and killer whales is so awesome that I would hang it up as a poster. I have to say I was a bit disappointed to see him lose the beard (at Mera’s request) by the end of the book.


Pelletier’s pencils shine not only during the action sequences, but also during the emotional climax. The subtle emotions that he’s able to convey are impressive, lending weight to Geoff Johns’ words.


While Aquaman #25 seems destined for a depressing finale at first, Johns turns it around to deliver a more satisfying conclusion. Lest the issue end on all sunshine and rainbows, a darker epilogue sets up a new chapter, which will see Jeff Parker taking over on Aquaman writing duties beginning with Aquaman #26, alongside Paul Pelletier on pencils.