Amazon Deal Of The Day – Crysis 2 $34.99 And More

Amazon Deal Of The Day – Crysis 2 $34.99 And More

0 By Jason Matthew is having another games deal day , with the all day being Crysis 2 on all platforms for $34.99. The rest of the games will be lightning deals throughout the day. Dead Space 2 is currently up as a lightning deal followed by the these hints as to what will be coming up:

Hourly Lightning Deals:

9:00 AM EST: Engineer your adventure in the dead of space (DEAD SPACE 2)

10:00 AM EST: The legend of your rise to power starts now (DRAGON AGE 2?)

11:00 AM EST: The divine conflict between harmony and discord on your PSP (Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy?)

1:00 PM EST: One of the greatest games of all time complete for your PSP (Final Fantasy IV Complete?)

3:00 PM EST: I believe I can fly (Bulletstorm?)

5:00 PM EST: Choose the Guardians or the Defiant (Rift?)

7:00 PM EST: Hit the gridiron with this perennial franchise (Madden 11?)

9:00 PM EST: Twist and turn through an action packed Sonic experience (Sonic The Hedgehog?)

11:00 PM EST: Experience the pageantry of College Football like never before (NCAA Football?)