Al Bundy Sells Shoes (And Can Choke Your Ass Out!)

Al Bundy Sells Shoes (And Can Choke Your Ass Out!)

5 By Michael Uy


He’s starred in TV’s Married With Children, Modern Family and made appearances on a few other shows and movies. He’s been on television screens since the 80’s! He scored FOUR TOUCHDOWNS IN ONE GAME! Apparently, there’s still more to Ed O’Neill than meets the eye.


Here’s an excerpt from an article on an interview with Joe Rogan:

Rogan (who has belts in Brazilian jiu-jitsu, judo and taekwondo) says another celebrity with MMA talents is Ed O’Neill, from Modern Family and Married With Children.

“Al Bundy is a legit black belt in jiu-jitsu,” Rogan says.


Rogan also rattles off a laundry list of celebrity names who have received MMA training, which includes Kevin James and Shaq. There’s even a video of Al rolling around on the mat with Rorion Gracie (who he receives his training from):



It is humbling to know that Mr. O’Neill can summarily defeat me in a fight.


I am not a fighter. I started training MMA about a year ago and the reason I got into it is because I have the luxury of having a family member who is very serious about his training and it really does look like fun. I also have comfort zone issues. For example, I’m not too keen on rolling around on a mat with another dude while trying to wrap our appendages around each other. Call me a homophobe, but it just didn’t feel right at first.


You get over these things quickly.


The popularity of the fighting sport of mixed martial arts have made finding a local gym that trains for this a relatively simple task. It used to be that you had to go to several different trainers to get decent training. Now, as the guys at my gym so eloquently put it, it’s very easy to “Bruce Wayne up some training” these days as evidenced with all of these “regular” people who are all into it.


Speaking of those guys, not all of them get in the ring for matches either. In fact, only a small handful of the regulars whom I train with do. I keep the company of police officers, correctional facility employees, athletes who play different sports, former military personnel, etc. The list literally goes on and they all show up for different reasons.


Ed sums it up pretty well in this video when he showed up to Gracie’s class unexpectedly:



Godspeed, Mr. Bundy! Try not to choke Peg out when she whines your name to come to bed.