Aarklash: Legacy Releases First Screenshots

Aarklash: Legacy Releases First Screenshots

0 By Jason Matthew

Check out the first screens from Aarklash: Legacy, based on Rackham’s fantasy universe.


Cyanide Studio (makers of Pro Cycling Manager 2012) is currently working on two new games set in Rackham’s medieval-fantasy universe: Dogs of War Online, a free-to-play arena-based strategy game, and Aarklash: Legacy, a tactical adventure game. Both games are inspired by Cyanide’s 2012 title Confrontation, and are set for release in Q2 2013.


Aarklash Legacy Screen 1


In Aarklash: Legacy, players will take command of mercenaries on a perilous mission. You’ll need to figure out the most effective strategies to defeat your opponents using the pause system. Though combat makes up the bulk of the game experience, the game will also feature lots of adventure and exploration.


Aarklash Legacy Screen 2


Cyanide has released the first screenshots of Aarklash: Legacy with an overview of Acheron and Behemoth, two regions in the world of Aarklash that will be explored as the adventure unfolds. You can get a look at the heroes of the game as well (Nella, Denzil, and Vendaroo), along with some of the creatures they will face in the hostile environments.



To keep up to date with Aarklash: Legacy, you can visit the game’s Facebook page and official forum.