The Art of Destiny, Volume 2 Review

The Art of Destiny, Volume 2 Review

0 By Jason Matthew

Ever since I played an early preview of the first Destiny game, I’ve been enamored by its visuals. Every inch of every planet is packed to the brim with intricate detail, and every texture and character model is meticulously crafted to help bring the world of this grand space opera to life. I’ve died many times in Destiny while just staring at the environments and wondering how the hell they pulled it off. Insight Editions’ The Art of Destiny, Volume 2 shows the amazing artistry that brought the game to life, from concept to paintings to final 3D renderings.


Flipping through the pages of this book and seeing all of the detail that went into crafting these epic game worlds made me want to pick up my controller. It’s incredible how the meticulous design of these concept paintings pulls you right into the Destiny universe. It’s awesome to see how closely Bungie was able to replicate the artists’ work in three dimensions.

The Art of Destiny, Volume 2 is a wide-format hardcover book (11×1.2×10 inches) that feels durable and well-constructed. The pages are thick and the glossy sheen of the pages really makes the artwork pop with color and life.

The Art of Destiny, Volume 2 showcases everything from the in-game insignias, to environmental concepts, to 3D models and everything in between. Even animation s covered, showing how a special move is conceived from a rough sketch breakdown to the final rendered sequence. Even the gear and weapons are given a lot of pages to shine. This book even manages to squeeze in panels for the amazing cinematics from Blur Studios and work from other teams that worked on the game, such as High Moon Studios and Vicarious Visions.

If you’re a Destiny fan, or even just a sci-fi art aficionado, The Art of Destiny, Volume 2 is definitely worth picking up. This 216-page hardcover book is perfect for any gamer’s coffee table, and your guests are likely to get lost in its pages.