Bleach DVD Set 25 Original & Uncut Review

Bleach DVD Set 25 Original & Uncut Review

October 6, 2015 0 By Jason Bakker
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Bleach DVD Set 25 picks up the story 17 months after Ichigo Kurosaki lost his Soul Reaper powers. Now living a normal, quiet, and somewhat boring life as an average high school student, Ichigo seems a bit lost and dissatisfied with his current situation, and begins pushing friends and family members away. Soon, this peace is ended as Uryu is attacked by an unknown assailant, and his buddy Chad goes missing.

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Ichigo finds himself being shadowed by a man named Kugo Ginjo, whose intentions he can’t quite pin down. Ichigo knows he can’t trust Ginjo, but he isn’t given much of a choice – he’s the only person who can help him track down Uryu’s attacker. Ginjo belongs to a group known as Xcution, whose members were all born with and have mastered the Fullbring ability. As it turns out, this is where Chad has been, and Ginjo seeks to restore Ichigo’s Soul Reaper powers in exchange for ridding themselves of their Fullbring abilities. At first Ichigo is hesitant and declines Ginjo’s offer, but soon his younger sister Yuzu is attacked by a Hollow, which Ichigo is unable to see or defend against without his ability. He can’t stand feeling so helpless and unable to protect those he cares about, and so he takes Ginjo and Xcution up on their offer.

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And so Ichigo begins his training, mainly under the tutelage of Riruka Dokugamine, who has quite a crush on our orange-haired hero. There are some pretty hilarious moments when the other members of Xcution tease her about this just to watch her lose her mind in anger/ embarrassment. Riruka’s Fullbring ability, known as “Dollhouse”, allows her to place people into items that she finds cute, such as an actual dollhouse and plushie toys/ stuffed animals. There is a pretty surreal battle scene between Ichigo and a plush pig that can hardly be explained out of context. Though the training scenes are pretty ridiculous, they serve their purpose and soon Ichigo gets a grip on his Fullbring ability, and is ready to take the fight to the big bad of this arc, Shukuro Tsukushima.

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Though I found the mystery behind Ginjo’s identity and motivations intriguing, I have to admit that this DVD set really takes a long time to get going. There’s really just not much going on for the first five or so episodes, and there are only a few environments used for the entirety of the DVD set – mainly the training room inside Xcution’s hideout, which is very dark and uninspired looking. There also isn’t exactly a ton of action until the very end of Bleach DVD Set 25, when Ichigo and Ginjo take on Shukuro.

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As for special features, Bleach DVD Set 25 has a clean opening and ending, some trailers for other Viz Media offerings, and “Omake”, which are a few short comedic scenes that I found pretty funny.

Overall, fans of the series will want to pick up Bleach DVD Set 25 for completion’s sake, as it features canon episodes. It’s not exactly the most exciting bunch of anime episodes, but the mystery surrounding Ginjo and the solid characterization of the Xcution allies make it worth the watch. And if you’ve ever wanted to see Ichigo Kurosaki battle a giant pig plushie, well here’s your chance!