Bleach (3-in-1 Edition), Vol. 12 Review

Bleach (3-in-1 Edition), Vol. 12 Review

October 6, 2015 0 By Jason Bakker
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Bleach (3-in-1 Edition), Vol. 12 begins with Ichigo and his allies battling the vicious Esapadas in an effort to rescue Orihime. They’ve just managed to defeat Grimmjow only to be met by a new threat – the bloodthirsty Espada Nnoitora.

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When things look bleak, Nel transforms into a powerful, buxom adult warrior, revealing her true form to protect her friends. She launches an all-out assault on Nnoitora, showcasing her newfound abilities and swatting away her opponent’s attacks as if they were nothing. She uses her Resurreccion and transforms once more into a centaur-like state, dominating the Espada with a volley of attacks from her double-sided lance. Just when it looks like the battle is over for Nnoitora, Nel reverts back to her child-like form, which quickly takes a beat-down from her opponent. An already heavily-injured Ichigo is brutally attacked by Tesla in his Resurrecion form, and when he is on the brink of death a ray of hope arrives in the form of the formidable Soul Reaper Kenpachi Zaraki.

There’s an interesting showdown between the eccentric Mayuri and Szayellaporro, who demonstrates the ability to be reborn within the womb of a host, which he explains effectively makes him immortal and thus the perfect life form. Mayuri is already 10 steps ahead of him though, and had his assistant Nemu infected with a poison that makes time perception incredibly slow for the victim. Mayuri stabs through Szayellaporro’s hand with his blade, telling him that the pain will last for at least a hundred years as he waits for the practically frozen-in-time blade to pierce his heart. That’s definitely a pretty terrible way to go…

Without doubt, the coolest battle in Bleach (3-in-1 Edition), Vol. 12 is between Nnoitora and Kenpachi. Nnoitora claims that he cannot be cut, which Kenpachi simply sees as a challenge – in his mind there is nothing that he cannot cut. The pair trade savage blows against one another, as Kenpachi slowly but surely manages to slice his opponent a few times. As Nnoitora becomes angry, he accidentally knocks off Kenpachi’s eye patch, which as he explains is a seal to contain his Spiritual Pressure so that his battles last longer. Kenpachi strikes hard with a devastating slash across Nnoitora’s body, leaving him breathless and on the brink of death. Nnoitora enters his Resurrection state and grows two additional arms, and eventually two more as Ichigo and Orihime look on in shock.

Bleach (3-in-1 Edition), Vol. 12 packs some very cool fight scenes alongside memorable moments like Neliel’s transformation and the rather hilarious deaths of a few Espadas. Most fans should be pleased overall with the volumes in this compilation, especially those who enjoy action, but those looking for story won’t find a whole lot here to sink their teeth into.