Eiosis AirEQ Premium Review

Eiosis AirEQ Premium Review

Eiosis is an audio software/hardware company run by Fabrice Gabriel, perhaps best known for his algorithm design work for Slate Digital. AirEQ is, so far, the only release from Eiosis, but given that it was created as somewhat of a pet project by the man who has created now-industry standards like the Virtual Console Collection (read our review here) and Virtual Tape Machine, AirEQ already warrants a try.

AirEQ is, at first glance, a standard parametric EQ accented with a clever elemental theme. It features 5 bands for EQing in addition to high and low cuts and high/ low controls dubbed “Air” and “Earth” respectively. Air adds high end to the source and earth boosts the lows as you would expect, albeit in a way that is considerably more musical than you might anticipate. Each EQ band has frequency, gain and Q controls, however, each Q parameter can be altered by shift clicking to change the way it acts. Dragging to the left changes the Q parameter to the “Water” element, smoothing the peak, while dragging it the other way changes it to a “Fire” element and creates a steeper, more drastic peak. These controls allow different frequency bands to be tailored to their purpose, using a water approach to make shallow, subtle boosts/cuts or using fire to make more aggressive alterations to the source. A master wet/dry mix control, visually pleasing visual analyzer and In/Out gain controls round out the interface.


  • + Incredibly versatile
  • + Unique EQing potential
  • + Efficient and elegant GUI

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