Hot Toys Winter Soldier MMS 241 Sixth Scale Figure Review

Hot Toys Winter Soldier MMS 241 Sixth Scale Figure Review

Captain America 2 was an awesome, extremely badass movie. Seriously, if you haven’t seen it, go check it out. Fans of the film will probably agree that Winter Soldier (played by Sebastian Stan) is easily one of the best villains we’ve seen in the Marvel Cinematic Universe thus far. Now Hot Toys has immortalized the actor and character with the Winter Soldier MMS 241 Sixth Scale Figure (available now through Sideshow Collectibles), featuring a screen accurate costume and a huge arsenal of weapons.

The outer box features a promotional photograph of Sebastian Stan in the role of Winter Soldier, with his signature red star and a metallic-looking background behind him. Nothing too fancy, but overall a nice presentation. Once you open the outer package, you’ll find a card with a photograph of the actual figure, and a list of credits for the artists who created the Winter Soldier MMS 241 figure. It’s great to see artists getting credited for their work on all the Hot Toys figures, since they absolutely deserve it – these guys are freakin’ wizards. This figure may well be these artists’ crowning achievement, with a dead-on accurate face sculpt and a perfectly recreated suit.

The Hot Toys Winter Soldier MMS 241 figure comes with two head sculpts – one with Winter Soldier’s menacing angry glare and a ninja-like facemask, and one with Sebastian Stan’s face fully uncovered, and black war paint around the eyes. The likeness is uncanny, and even with the mask on it’s easy to tell which actor they were trying to depict in the sculpt. The detail in the eyes, right down to the red veins in the whites of the eyes, and the stubble on the chin give the figure an eerily lifelike look. The hair sculpt is pretty great as well, with subtle variations in color throughout. The paint job on both head sculpts is fantastic as always, which really helps give the figure an ultra-realistic appearance.

The battle-worn outfit that the figure is draped in is one of the most detailed I’ve seen from Hot Toys, with tons of straps, buckles, holsters, pockets, and fine stitching. The torso is mostly fitted with a pleather-like material, which simulates the look of the on-screen outfit very well. The boots and pants have a weathered paint job to them, making this particular figure look like it’s seen some action. Even the weapons have scratches and wear, not to mention actual working sliders, magazines, and more. The metal arm has some amazing detail work and a nice metallic shine to it, with a glossy red star painted on the shoulder.

The detail is insane, and the only real complaint I have about the quality of the figure overall are the shoddy holsters, which barely hold the weapons to Winter Soldier’s body, and and a few straps that could have been more lovingly crafted. One of the straps on the right arm came loose immediately, and looked like it was only held in place by the smallest dab of glue. Also, the head sculpts and joint have that problem prevalent with these figures where the joint becomes stuck in the head. Since I didn’t have any pliers around when taking photos for this review, I had to stick with the default head sculpt, which is a shame. Finally, two of the buttons on the straps of the torso had come loose by the time the figure arrived, but it does come with extras in case this happens – you can just glue them back on. Similarly, there are extra ball joints for the hands.

The Winter Soldier MMS 241 figure has some nice articulation, but it’s not the best I’ve seen from Hot Toys. The neck can rotate down and up as well as side to side, as well as pivot side to side. You’ll want to be careful of the back pleather of the figure when moving the head back, as the sharp hair sculpt may damage it. The shoulders move outward, as well as forward, though the right arm’s poseability is hampered a bit by the fabrics holding it in place. The right arm has a bicep swivel, and both arms bend 90 degrees at the elbow, and rotates 90 degrees maximum. The torso pivots side to side, and there is a bit of forward crunching action but not much due to the fabric on the torso. The legs move outward a fair amount, and can kick forward almost to the hip. The knees are double jointed, and the upper thighs have a swivel. The ankles pivot very slightly from side to side, and can be moved right or left as well as up and down.

The Winter Soldier MMS 241 figure comes with a vast array of weaponry, with two knives, one machine gun, a remote bomb launcher, a submachine gun, a spike with a sheathe, two grenades and three pistols. Additionally, there are goggles that can be equipped to the secondary head sculpt. There are four interchangeable palms, including one for holding Captain America’s shield to recreate the memorable moment in the film where he catches Steve Roger’s favorite weapon with ease.

Overall, I can’t recommend this figure enough to fans of the film and character. The likeness is uncanny, the suit is as screen-accurate as humanly possible, and the wide assortment of weapons give buyers plenty of toys to play with. The Captain America 2 Winter Soldier MMS 241 figure can be purchased now for $239.99 at Sideshow Collectibles.

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