Regular Show: Mordecai Pack DVD Review

Regular Show: Mordecai Pack DVD Review

Cartoon Network’s utterly insane and completely hilarious animated series Regular Show is currently in its sixth season. Featuring a cast of anthropomorphic characters such as talking blue jays, raccoons, lollipops, yetis and gumball machines, it takes a bit of getting used to, but once you’re acclimated to its absurdity it’s easily one of the funniest shows on tv. Following up on last year’s release of Regular Show: Rigby Pack, Warner Bros. has released Regular Show: Mordecai Pack, a collection of 16 11-minute episodes (most from Season 5).

Regular Show features a cast of strange characters. Mordecai and Rigby are best friends, and the stars of the series. Their boss Benson is always on their case and threatening to fire them, while the wise, muscular, immortal yeti Skips always helps the pair defeat whatever magical curse or monster they’ve accidentally summoned. Mordecai is forever trying to win the affections of Margaret, but often makes a fool of himself in a painfully awkward manner; meanwhile Rigby avoids Margaret’s pal Eileen at all costs (she has a massive crush on him). They’re constantly belittled and ridiculed by Muscle Man, an out of shape green man with a mullet, and Hi-Five Ghost, a spirit with a hand on top of its head.  They all work and live at a park, with Mordecai and Rigby tasked with menial labor that they never get done, often distracted by video games or metaphysical forces.

“Caveman” has Rigby and Mordecai happening across the frozen body of a neanderthal in a cave, and inadvertently waking him from his peaceful slumber after lighting a campfire; he spends the episode struggling to adapt to modern society. “Bad Portrait” finds the pair accidentally ruining a painting of Benson meant for a ceremony, and sees them scrambling to fix it in time. “Portable Toilet” has them locked inside a porta-john, which is then decommissioned and sent to an army weapons testing facility – it’s up to Margaret and Cloudy J to save them from certain death. “Bet to be Blonde” has Mordecai joining a secret club for blondes, which ends up being more of a terrifying cult. And perhaps the greatest episode on this Regular Show collection, “Tants” has Mordecai and Rigby accidentally destroying a terrible present (Tants – pants that are also a table!) from the lovable Pops; they race to create a replacement before he finds out and his feelings get hurt.

If you’re a fan of Regular Show, there’s no reason not to pick up the Mordecai Collection. It’s 16 more hilarious episodes that you can’t get anywhere else, at least until the next full season compilations are released. J.G. Quintel and crew are on a roll here – I haven’t seen a single bad episode of this series yet.

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