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The Fox Vol. 1: Freak Magnet Review

The Fox Vol. 1: Freak Magnet Review

The Fox is not your average superhero. He’s not super at all, in fact, and he doesn’t even care about being a hero. His “gift” is being a “freak magnet” — he manages to attract all sorts of crazy characters and situations, which he uses to make the front page of the newspaper he writes for. He wears a skintight black uniform not unlike Spider-Man’s famous symbiote suit, and there are actually a fair amount of similarities between the two characters. The Fox always seems to have a camera around, just like Peter Parker, and they’re both very sarcastic, acrobatic, and animated, with a one-liner or pop culture reference always at the ready.┬áRed Circle Comics’ The Fox Vol. 1: Freak Magnet highlights all of these traits.

When I was sent The Fox #5 a few months back for review, I had a hard time forming an opinion on it. The Fox #5 was the final issue in a crazy time-traveling story arc, and to put it plainly, it just wasn’t a good entry point for those unfamiliar with the character — myself included. Issue #5 is the final issue included in this volume, and thankfully, after reading through the preceding stories in Freak Magnet, it made much more sense.

The Fox Vol. 1: Freak Magnet starts off with The Fox (real name Paul Patton Jr.) getting his ass kicked by a couple of henchman for someone named Mr. Smile. The rest of the issue shows how he got into this particular predicament, and it all starts with Paul interviewing Lucy Fur, the CEO of a new social media company called MyFace. Paul (who is a happily married man) finds himself incredibly attracted to this woman,┬ábut soon finds out that there’s more than meets the eye with her – in fact, she’s a crazed hell demon named Madame Satan. The two have a pretty epic battle, with a great Man of Steel reference thrown in for good measure.

The Fox doesn’t get any downtime at all, because as soon as he finishes up his business with Madame Satan and her thugs, an alien princess (who speaks in horribly broken english) demands his help. Her husband has been captured and mind-controlled by a man named the Druid, who has also enslaved most of the population and transformed them into monsters. Across the remainder of the issues included in Freak Magnet, The Fox teams up with other superheroes, and tracks down and battles the Druid in the aforementioned The Fox #5. While the story made much more sense this time around, I still feel that the message of peace, love and understanding is handled way too clumsily here. When The Fox, Hachi-Man and Master Race all combine to form a singular entity known as Unity, and banish the Druid with some Tai Chi yoga poses and happy thoughts, I still couldn’t help but roll my eyes.

Supplemental material for The Fox Vol. 1: Freak Magnet includes a foreword, afterword, an epilogue, a brief history on the character, as well as some variant covers. Overall, it’s a fun volume, and those looking for something a bit out of the ordinary, and not so dark and gritty, will definitely want to check it out.

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