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Review: DC Comics Designer Series 1 Nightwing Figure by Greg Capullo

Review: DC Comics Designer Series 1 Nightwing Figure by Greg Capullo

DC Collectibles recently unveiled its new DC Comics Designer Series, featuring sculpts in the style of a particular artist. Series 1 puts the spotlight on all-star Greg Capullo’s work on the New 52 comic series, with a lineup consisting of Batman, Nightwing, Talon, and The Riddler. Here we’ll be taking a look at the recently-released Dick Grayson figure – the man once called Robin, now known as Nightwing and still fighting by Bruce Wayne’s side.

Nightwing himself looks fantastic. Jonathan Matthews’ sculpt perfectly captures Greg Capullo’s artwork, with more masculine features and a slightly bulkier body than the DC Collectibles Batman: Arkham City Nightwing Statue that I reviewed a few months back. The black and red suit looks great; I’m not sure if I prefer this version or the blue and black, armored Arkham City costume though. Capullo’s version of the costume is a bit simplistic, and some may prefer the slightly more detailed take that Brett Booth created, but this figure is definitely accurate to the original New 52 design.

Nightwing’s body looks proportionate, and there’s a good amount of costume detail on display here, from the bunched-up cloth on Grayson’s suit to the angular design of the boots and bladed gauntlets. The musculature also looks on-point. The slightly-bulkier frame that Capullo draws the character with lends this interpretation a more adult feel, while still looking like he could easily perform Nightwing’s signature acrobatic maneuvers.

While this Nightwing figure looks as if it jumped right out of the comics, it doesn’t have a large degree of flexibility. While the figure features a good amount of articulation points, it’s hard to get Dick into a pose befitting such an agile character. Part of this has to do with the fact that the legs don’t move apart very much in the split formation, and the ankle joint can only bend up and down, not side to side. Due to this, it’s hard to pose him in a stance that looks cool in which he won’t fall right over. Additionally, my particular figure had a few manufacturing issues – the left foot/ankle was strangely malleable and a bit loose, whereas the right elbow joint was completely locked in a stretched-out position. I tried to bend it with a bit of pressure to no avail, and I didn’t want to apply too much force and break it. Aside from that, he bends fairly well, with articulation points in the neck, ankles, shoulders, hip, upper torso, wrists, elbows, upper thighs, and knees. The paint job is very well done, though there was a slight painting mishap on one side of the neck.

Overall, this is a fine figure release from DC Collectibles, with a few articulation and manufacturing issues that can be overlooked if you’re a hardcore Nightwing fan. Jonathan Matthews’ sculpt captures Greg Capullo’s artwork fantastically, and every detail from the comic pages is brought to life in sharp detail here. Later this year, Series 2 will be available, featuring Greg Capullo’s interpretations of Red Hood, Catwoman, Batman Thrasher and Mr. Freeze, so keep an eye out for them as well.

Overall Score 8.7/ 10

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