GrooveMaker 2 Review

GrooveMaker 2 Review

March 21, 2014 0 By Jason Bakker

IK Multimedia’s GrooveMaker 2 iOS app gives anyone the power to create musical compositions, with pre-arranged loops that can be easily controlled and manipulated on the fly with a simple touch. If you’ve ever dreamed of being a DJ but lack any kind of musical knowledge, this app is for you. Those with musical leanings can also enjoy a vast library of sounds, and create royalty-free compositions or movie soundtracks in minutes.

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When you open up GrooveMaker 2 you’re presented with a choice of “songs” — there are four available from the start in the full version, and more are available through in-app purchases. These “songs” each contain a wide array of loops that are meant to play well with each other, and with the redesigned Matrix interface updated for iOS 7, creating new music is as easy as swiping your finger to swap in various percussion and instrumental loops. Everything happens in real-time, and you can randomize all of the loop elements, or start with individual elements like kick drums and bass lines and layer on from there. You can solo or mute elements, change the tempo on the fly without affecting the pitch, add (and record) effects like delay, phazer, flanger, and more. You can even add compression, EQ and filters to the master fader.

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Each song packs over 60 loops that can be manipulated, and including all of the in-app purchases, there are over 3,600 loops in GrooveMaker 2. Using the “Randomix” algorithm you can simply press a button to produce Rhythmic, Mild, Instrumental, or completely random grooves on the 8 available tracks. There are 16 song packs available for purchase which altogether contain 70 songs in a wide range of musical styles including House, Hip Hop, DubStep, Trance, Techno, D’n’B, Electro, Rock, Reggaeton, and Reggae. If you purchased any of the tracks in the original GrooveMaker app, you can unlock them in GrooveMaker 2 by registering the app with your IK Multimedia account.

Another great addition to GrooveMaker 2 is the ability to live record your grooves, as well as import audio from iTunes or other sources. Imported audio can be cut up and synced with your groove, allowing you to create compositions that are truly unique. If you don’t want to record everything in real time, you can utilize the Sequencer interface to program everything at your leisure. Once you’ve completed your composition, you can share it in a number of ways using export options likeĀ Audio Copy, E-mail, Wi-fi, FTP and SoundCloud.

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Overall, GrooveMaker 2 is a fun, intuitive, and very useful app for musicians. It’s incredibly easy to create arrangements in just a few minutes, and it’s simple to export your royalty-free creations for use in soundtracks or other musical compositions. With a wide variety of musical genres available through in-app purchases, GrooveMaker 2 has something for just about everybody.

Overall Score 10/ 10