Starpoint Gemini 2 Preview

Starpoint Gemini 2 Preview

Editor’s Note: Starpoint Gemini 2 is still in the Alpha development stage, and the game’s final form may differ from the version previewed here.


Little Green Man Games’ Starpoint Gemini 2 (Iceberg Interactive) is an endeavor to revive the long-forgotten space simulation. Judging from my time spent with the game, it seems that unfortunately, this genre has not aged gracefully.

Upon booting up Starpoint Gemini 2, I was surprised by how good the environments look. Even the loading screen art is highly detailed and gorgeous. The space landscape is bright and colorful, teeming with planets and spaceships. You cannot deny the impressive, elaborate art style.

The game has an assortment of missions, which are randomly generated (as the game is still in Alpha), so don’t expect hours and hours of gameplay. Interest in the game can wane due to this, as you are not able to become as invested as you might otherwise. The premise of this game is interesting but it’s anything but highly polished.

Starpoint Gemini 2 crashed a few times during my playtime, and so it seems a bit unstable in its current Alpha state – on my system at least. It’s also very evident that it’s an unfinished game; with important factors (such as your spaceship) not having the fine details which would have made the game looks that little bit better. It doesn’t make or break the game, but it can affect your overall immersion.

The missions can be very time-consuming and long-winded. The instructions on how to finish said mission can also be too vague sometimes, with a lot of guesswork needed on the player’s part. The voice-overs also add to the frustration of the whole game, as the acting is stiff, wooden and repetitive. This bleeds over to the cutscenes, which are too long and tedious to sit through. To make it worse, the game seems to be fussy about which cutscenes can be skipped and which ones cannot.

The combat, what should be the meat of Starpoint Gemini 2, is just infuriating. The controls are finicky and unclear. I once just stared at my screen, watching my ship being torn apart by the enemy, unable to find the controls to retaliate.

My advice: Unless you’re a huge fan of space-sims, skip the alpha and wait to see if the finished game is anything worthwhile.

One thought on “Starpoint Gemini 2 Preview

  1. Hi Thomas,

    Just popped by to thank you for taking the time to make a preview of Starpoint Gemini 2. To clarify, I’m one of the guys developing the game. Just making sure I’m not hiding anything ;).

    I’m very happy to see you like some of the work we’ve done, and I’m also thankful for pointing out the things you didn’t like too. It all helps to make the game better in the end. For example, the points you noted on the only missions implemented at the moment, the randomly generated Freelance missions, are all valid, and we’ve begun reworking them already, after quality feedback we’ve received from our Early Access players (an awesome bunch by the way 🙂 ).

    I’m not however quite clear on the combat problems you were obviously facing :S. That puzzles me greatly. That’s one of the most praised parts by our community. Have you tried using “turret view camera”? Or “Fire at will” command? These two can make an amazing difference in combat.

    Anyway, thanks for the preview once more :).

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