Skylanders SWAP Force – “What’s New In SWAP Force” Trailer

Skylanders SWAP Force – “What’s New In SWAP Force” Trailer

Activision has released an all-new trailer for the latest iteration in its highly successful video game/ toy hybrid franchise, Skylanders SWAP Force. The trailer goes behind-the-scenes to showcase what’s new in this year’s game, highlighted by the ability to swap characters’ top and bottom halves, allowing for plenty of creative combinations. The top half of the character will control how you fight, while the bottom half will dictate how you move, giving players a wide array of customization options and adding a bit of strategy to the proceedings as well.



The story takes place in a previously unseen part of the Skylanders universe called Cloudbreak Islands. On this island, a magical volcano erupts once every 100 years, and replenishes all of the magic in Skylands. The new characters were caught in this eruption, granting them the unique ability to swap their tops and bottoms. The new SWAP Force Skylanders are sixteen strong, allowing for up to 256 combinations of characters. Aside from these cool new additions to the series, the developers have also added in a lot of new core and Lightcore characters, including Fryno, who can transform into a fiery motorcycle to attack enemies. The original characters from Spyro’s Adventure and Skylanders Giants will return as well in a Series 3 form, and are now granted access to the new Level 20 cap and new quests. The devs have emphasized that they went through painstaking effort to ensure that every Skylander that has ever existed will be playable in Skylanders SWAP Force, and all of their models and animations have been remastered in HD.


Skylanders SWAP Force will be available in October for PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, Wii, and Xbox 360. It can be preordered now through Amazon here.

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