Archer & Armstrong #12 Review

Archer & Armstrong #12 Review

So few comics have managed to keep me entertained in the long haul, but Valiant Comics’ Archer & Armstrong continues to break the mold. Why isn’t this a movie, yet?


Archer & Armstrong #12 Review 1The newest chapter of Archer & Armstrong signals a full dive into a new arc, hitting lighter notes with a story involving everything from dinosaurs to squishy little grey-liens. Maria’s affections turn toward an unlikely candidate for her admiration, and Archer ends up in a hysterical confrontation with none other than himself, in the form of a few of his biggest fans. A semi-new character even makes his first appearance since the initial mention of him at the beginning of the series, making a far smoother transition into the cast than his other sibling. I’m looking forward to seeing him in action as he reconciles his knowledge of what is, what is yet, and what must be.

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