The Last Of Us Multiplayer Reveal

The Last Of Us Multiplayer Reveal

0 By Jason Matthew

 Naughty Dog has pulled back the curtain on the multiplayer aspect of The Last Of Us, which has been shrouded in secrecy until now.


Naughty Dog has revealed new information about the multiplayer mode for The Last Of Us on their blog, shedding some light on the gameplay mechanics. A few members of the press have gotten their hands on it over the past few days, and now Naughty Dog is ready to reveal it to the public.



Naughty Dog has stressed that the survival aspect of The Last Of Us’ single player campaign is integral to the multiplayer (dubbed Factions) as well. You’ll have to stay on your toes as other players attempt to hunt you down and eliminate your entire group. When you first boot up the Factions mode, you’ll be tasked with choosing a side – either the Fireflies or the Hunters. When you first begin the multiplayer your faction will have a small number of survivors with you that you need to keep alive, and expanding your numbers is key to Factions as well. There are two modes in which you can expand your clan’s numbers – Supply Raid and Survivors. The trailer shows factions battling over supplies, and alludes to the fact that you’ll be able to upgrade your arsenal. Near the end of the trailer it asks “Can you last twelve weeks?” before showcasing a number of unfortunate events and ailments that can take out members of your faction, including marauder attacks, hostage taking, and dysentery. Good things can happen too though, like friendly survivors being found and rescuing allies.


The Last Of Us Multiplayer - One Life Per Round TLOU



Naughty Dog describes the multiplayer in The Last Of Us as “very tactical”, and it will make use of the same crafting system found in the single player campaign. Stealth players can use Listen Mode to get the drop on their enemies and take them out with silenced weapons. The screenshots showcase advanced weaponry like grenades and flamethrowers as well as things as simple as shanks and wooden planks. Sticking close together is important, as downed allies can be revived if another player is close enough to get to their aid in time. Melee combat is described as “a brutal affair”, and once you’ve taken down an enemy you have the option of performing gruesome executions. Naughty Dog promises that there is a lot more yet to be revealed about the multiplayer, including the details of the in-game economy and loadout system.



Players who preorder The Last Of Us will receive the Survival DLC pack, which includes useful multiplayer items to gain an early advantage online. There will also be a Season Pass available for those who want to save some cash on the DLC that will released later down the line.