Fall City Fall – Victus Review

Fall City Fall – Victus Review

0 By Jason Matthew

 Fall City Fall’s Victus packs plenty of heaviness, but lacks diversity.


Hailing from Calgary, Alberta, Fall City Fall is a recent addition to Victory Records’  lineup. The Canadian five-piece metalcore act are unleashing their debut full-length, Victus, this month.



Victus is certainly a heavy album. Opener “St. James” does a great job of building up tension, before exploding into the chaotic “Dissentipede”. Guitarist Jordon Storey and the rest of the band echo Converge and The Dillinger Escape Plan on this track, which quickly accelerates  from heavy and plodding hardcore to frenetic and fast-paced mathcore. “Anxiety Attack” and “Lovebirds” sound reminiscent of Every Time I Die, and keep the energetic pace going. Throughout Victus, Fall City Fall take elements from  various bands and attempt to assimilate it into their own style. The instrumental “Many Lives” and crawling “Taken” provide a bit of a change of pace, before the final track “Victus” kicks things back into high gear. The most creative and diverse track, and my favorite, is the crushing “Dead Saints”. It should be noted that most of these tracks are only about two minutes long, and only two tracks make it past the three minute mark. “Dead Saints” is only 1 minute and 27 seconds long.


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Victus is a decent metalcore offering, offering plenty of heaviness, but it just isn’t very memorable or diverse. Yes, there’s a few slower songs thrown in amongst the chaos, and the band even features two frontmen. However, both vocalists, like the songs themselves, sound pretty similar. For the most part, this album is a wall of sound from start to finish. If that’s what you’re looking for, however, Fall City Fall’s Victus is most certainly worth picking up.