Bloodshot #7 Review – Valiant Comics

Bloodshot #7 Review – Valiant Comics

0 By Jason Matthew

Valiant Comics’ Bloodshot #7 plants the seeds of an interesting story.


Bloodshot #7 Review - Issue CoverBloodshot is a part of Valiant Comics’ re-launch series of comics. The Bloodshot character is a government experiment/ soldier, whose powers include extreme regenerative abilities, as well as extraordinary strength and speed. He can even control computers with his mind and change his appearance. He gets these powers from billions of nanites, which course through his body and adapt to any circumstance. His mind has been implanted with fake memories, which his handlers change from mission to mission, giving him the extra drive needed to complete operations.


Bloodshot #7 is my first introduction to the Bloodshot character, and admittedly, I had mixed feelings within the first few pages. I found Bloodshot (Or Ray, as he’s referred to in this issue by his mission handler Manny) to be a rather flat, boring character at first, like a weird 80s action movie cliche, with cheesy dialogue to match. But I slowly realized that in this issue, Bloodshot still doesn’t know the truth about his being used by the government, and so the lame dialogue and characterization make sense- they were imparted to him by the government, and it’s not his true persona. I took pleasure in reading all his dialogue in Patrick Warburton‘s voice.


It’s shown how little the government and his handlers give a damn about him, as he’s literally dropped into a mission in a missile, just because they know he’ll regenerate from the massive injuries. I found this to be a bit ridiculous. Throughout Bloodshot #7, Bloodshot is tasked with finding children, whom he’s told have been stolen from their parents, when in reality the government wants to take these super-powered kids for experimentation. In this mission his implanted memories tell him that his own non-existent daughter Katie was taken from him, which is his main motivation. When he breaks into the compound and finds the kids, they know who he is and where he plans to take them. Despite the fact that the children know he’s clueless, they do everything they can to kill him, including making his eye explode (ouch) and raising the dead to shoot at him.


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At the end of Bloodshot #7, he succeeds at taking the children to the government, and goes into a two-month long regenerative nap. By the time he wakes, his handler and friend Manny is gone, with another cookie-cutter government official taking his place. Throughout this issue, Manny realizes himself the true nature of the government’s plans for the kids, and so it will be interesting to see what’s happened to him in the next issue. I’m interested in seeing the true nature of Bloodshot’s character, which unfortunately is completely AWOL in Bloodshot #7. Still, it got me involved in the story, and that’s what counts, right?