Behind The Scenes of Tomb Raider’s Multiplayer

Behind The Scenes of Tomb Raider’s Multiplayer

Find out about the studio collaboration behind Tomb Raider’s multiplayer suite.


Crystal Dynamics is currently finishing up work on the franchise reboot Tomb Raider, slated to appear on PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and PC. At the same time, sister studio Eidos Montreal is putting the finishing touches on the multiplayer suite for Tomb Raider. This joint project design gave Crystal Dynamics the freedom to put all their efforts into crafting a stellar single-player campaign, while collaborating closely with Eidos Montreal to create an engaging versus multiplayer component.



“It’s something we talked about when creating the initial design for TOMB RAIDER, but it was very important that there weren’t any distractions from our focus on delivering a great single player experience, so we parked the idea of creating multiplayer at Crystal Dynamics and looked to our sister studio, Eidos-Montréal,” said Darrell Gallagher, head of studio at Crystal Dynamics.


Tomb Raider Multiplayer Screen 1


Stephane D’Astous, general manager at Eidos-Montréal added, “It’s been a privilege for the team at Eidos-Montréal to be a part of TOMB RAIDER. We built multiplayer from the ground-up, around the core theme of survival, using some of the key elements of the single player campaign and re-purposing them for a fast and exciting experience. It’s been an amazing project, one we’re immensely proud of and one which we really think gamers will have a lot of fun with.”


The multiplayer in Tomb Raider pits the island’s native Scavengers against the survivors of the wrecked ship Endurance. Players will utilize all the gameplay features from the single player campaign, including traversal, hunting, and trap-setting gameplay, in a variety of versus modes.


Tomb Raider Multiplayer Screen 2


Gallagher concluded, “For me, the multiplayer has to fit and has to be fun or no one will play it. We’ve worked hard to make multiplayer fit seamlessly with the single player game and its key themes and we’ve play-tested the hell out of the multiplayer game. It’s working well and gamers are enjoying it. Now we’re all just eager to get TOMB RAIDER into gamers’ hands in March so they can experience the entire game for themselves.”


Tomb Raider is scheduled for release on 5 March 2013 for PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and Windows PC.

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