Forge Developer Interview

Forge Developer Interview

0 By Joshua Evangelista

Find out about Dark Vale Games’ future plans for Forge in our developer interview.


Metal Arcade got the opportunity to interview Timothy Alvis, Co-Founder and COO of Forge developer Dark Vale Games, about their future plans for the MMORPG/ shooter hybrid. Our reviewer described Forge (available now) as “beautiful, addictive, and chaotic” – you can check out the review here.


Metal Arcade:  Are there any plans to implement a story campaign into Forge? It would be amazing to be able to explore the beautiful environments, and experience the people and places.


Timothy Alvis, Dark Vale Games:  Not at this time, we have so much work to do fleshing out the multiplayer experience. Labyrinth mode will be the closest we come to that for quite some time, where players take on the role of a raid boss and its minions playing against another team comprised of standard Forge classes. Doesn’t mean that it’s off the table forever, but our focus right now is really on making multiplayer everything that it should and can be.


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Metal Arcade: Do you plan to add any form of Character Customization options to Forge?


Timothy Alvis: We have several options in the game already that unlock as you level up, and are adding a few more in the next thirty to sixty days. Currently, you can level up and unlock customization points and armor points which allow you to shift the stats of your character around to better suit your playstyle. In a patch coming very soon, you can customize the look of your character and choose ability focus options, which are selections that actually change your abilities that you use while playing in important ways. In a patch a little further down the road, armor items that you wear, though not visible, will be earned through play and trade and will also modify your stats. We have an article up on the main website that goes into this in great detail.


Metal Arcade:  Are there any plans to add more melee attacks for the Warden? At the moment, the class has only one form of attack, and it’d be nice to see larger variations of the slash attack.


Timothy Alvis: In their arsenal right now, they have Slash, Shockwave and Shield Storm that do damage to enemies they strike. Other than those three, it’s possible that with ability focus options we would shift Vengeance perhaps, or Stand Your Ground, to provide some kind of damage, but we don’t want them to become a primarily damage dealing class. Their role will always be focused on strong team support. The Ravager class will be the stronger melee class.


Metal Arcade: Will there be any shops or places to purchase new weapons, clothing, and armor?


Timothy Alvis: Yes, we plan to allow these types of purchases and unlocks in the future. Anything purchased however would purely be cosmetic or a time saver, we will never have a pay to win scenario.


Metal Arcade:  Will it be possible, at some point, to have branching ability/skill trees? For instance, creating a Pyromancer with the ability to use Warden melee combat? Or an Assassin with the ability to use a Shaman’s healing support?


Timothy Alvis: With the ability focus options that are coming in a patch very soon, there are selections you can make to customize how your Assassin or Pyromancer play. We won’t allow people to grab abilities from another class, as it would too muddy the roles we’d like to see each fill, but there is a lot of customization and personalization possible through ability focus choices.


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Metal Arcade: How many other planned classes do you have for future releases, aside from the Ravager Class?


Timothy Alvis: The Tinker follows immediately after the Ravager, with five more we’re not quite ready to name yet but are planned. The Tinker class is something of an engineer, focusing on gadgets and area control. My favorite ability in the bunch is the “Catatrap”, a trap that is a catapult that throws players that trigger it a good distance.


Metal Arcade:  Will there be boss events, where players will be able to rally together to defeat a single enemy?


Timothy Alvis: Yes, but the boss will be played by a player, as will the minions. The first two Labyrinth bosses are the Frost Giant and Lich.


Metal Arcade:  Speaking of events, are there any in game events that you plan to have in the coming months?


Timothy Alvis: There are a lot of things up in the air on those at the moment. We have things planned, but nothing we can announce just yet outside of continued updates and releases.


Metal Arcade:  Will Forge always be free to play, or will there eventually be a payment plan installed for monthly play, in the future?


Timothy Alvis: I don’t see us ever having a subscription fee. If anything, we’re more likely to work to reduce the price of entry and focus more on optional purchases if we can as we’d love to see player numbers grow substantially.


Metal Arcade:  A lot of MMOs use micro transactions to gather revenue for their game. Are there any plans for this type of thing in Forge?


Timothy Alvis: Nothing planned that can be truly defined as a microtransaction right now. We certainly have plans for small purchases, but most of them are one time purchases that unlock something for that player permanently. We are not inherently against it, but we feel it’s very important to continue to focus on getting the core game right and fully fleshed out with all the gameplay options we feel are critical before looking into things like microtransactions.