New York Comic Con 2012: Day 3

New York Comic Con 2012: Day 3

6 By Michael Uy

Ongoing coverage of NYCC 2012, with a lot more pictures!


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As expected, the Saturday crowd for New York Comic Con has been the biggest by far. The line to the entrance practically circled the block. However, there were creatures abound meant to entertain the waiting masses.


From the hit series, The Walking Dead, these fine specimens greet fans, as the well coordinated and fast moving line to the entrance flows by them. The makeup, coupled with the great zombie acting, made these guys really convincing.


New York Comic Con Day 3 Walking Dead Zombies



I realized how there hasn’t actually been any pictures of yours truly throughout this event. So, here’s some proof that Metal Arcade was actually there. This fine fellow (dressed as Gears Of War‘s Cole) only agreed to have his picture taken with me if he was allowed to take my head.


New York Comic Con Day 3 Gears Of War



Some new additions to the ever-dynamic Lego booth (LEGO DC Universe Super Heroes).


New York Comic Con Day 3 DC Superheroes Lego



Over to the Square Enix booth for a closer look at the merchandise they have for sale (Hitman, Tomb Raider).


New York Comic Con Day 3 Square Enix Booth



These are just some of the items available. There are quite a few display cases containing figures from several different video games, enough to fill up an entire post. All of them are immaculately detailed display pieces. If I had all the money in the world… (Metal Gear Solid)


New York Comic Con Day 3 Metal Gear Solid Toys


This is the Triforce booth, creators of highly detailed 1:1 scale replicas. In the case are the Batman: Arkham City Riddler markers flanking Batman’s gauntlet grasping a batarang.



New York Comic Con Day 3 Arkham City Props


They also made these amazing models from Gears of War 3.  Incredible.


New York Comic Con Day 3 Gears Of War Statue Marcus Fenix



After feeling a little claustrophobic from the almost stifling crush of humanity at the NYCC showroom floor, I went over to Artist Alley for a little bit of relief. No such luck. Here, I was able to pick up some comics and exclusive prints, signed by the writers and artists. In other words, a comic book fan’s version of heaven, as if ¬†the entirety of this convention isn’t such a place already.


New York Comic Con Day 3 Artist Alley



After a bite to eat for lunch, I went over to the section of the showroom floor called The Block. Lookit! The Mystery Machine! (Scooby Doo)


New York Comic Con Day 3 Scooby Doo Van



And just behind the van, someone parked a time machine. Parked, and safely not driving at eighty-eight miles an hour. (Back To The Future)


New York Comic Con Day 3 DeLorean Back To The Future



A few aisles over from those vehicles, I stumbled across this amazing work-in-progress. I stopped and watched this man work for a little while. (The Joker, The Dark Knight)


New York Comic Con Day 3 Art Joker



And then, there’s this work in progress. Hopefully, the missing Turtle is added before we wrap up our coverage tomorrow! Stay tuned! (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles)


New York Comic Con Day 3 TMNT Ninja Turtles