Ill Nino – Epidemia Album Review

Ill Nino – Epidemia Album Review

Ill Nino are back to prove they’ve still got it with their latest album Epidemia.


For over 10 years, New Jersey’s Ill Nino have been at the forefront of Latin-infused metal.  Featuring an intelligent mix of Latin sounds , crushing metal rhythms and a very versatile vocalist in Christian Machado, they were one of the best and most original bands to emerge from the nu-metal wave of the early 2000’s. On their latest release Epidemia (Victory Records 10/23/2012) Ill Nino sound re-energized and as focused as ever, and it is their best release since their 2001 debut.



Ill Nino’s greatest strengths are their excellent balance between the heavy and melodic. On Epidemia, the band is able to push the boundaries of both to create some of the most memorable songs of their career. On songs such as “The Depression” and “La Epidemia”, the band displays a new found heaviness that rivals anything Ill Nino has released.



But it’s the band’s ability to shift seamlessly from the heavy attack to a very melodic and memorable passage that separates Ill Nino from the rest, as the high energy tracks “Only the Unloved” and “Demi-God” showcase brilliantly. The band’s confidence in their abilities and songwriting is integrated into every track, helping each song be memorable and stand out on its own. All of this is held up by the excellent metal and tribal drumming of Dave Chavarri, one of the most underrated drummers in hard rock today.


Ill Nino Epidemia Pic 1


With Epidemia, Ill Nino have firmly made a statement that they are not slowing down and are just as relevant as ever. Fans who may have strayed away after their early releases should absolutely pick this up.



You can purchase Epidemia on Amazon here.

6 thoughts on “Ill Nino – Epidemia Album Review

  1. Yes its a great album but saying its the best since the first album is a bit of a stretch in my book. The first 3 albums (well with the first ep album 2,3,4) is still the best and hard to outdo, wasnt till enigma is started goin a bit down hill but this new album sure did make it a step in the right direction,

  2. wow, 9.0? I think that’s a bit too gracious, in my opinion. The only great album these guys ever dropped was “Revolution”.. downhill since, and I believe it started when Marc Rizzo left the band. Since then, every album has been weak, especially the guitars. Waaay too repetitive and no innovation. This album is a 4.0 at best. Drums and percussion are solid, which is why they get the 4.0. In all honesty a 9.0 sounds more like a fan promoting an album as opposed to giving a fair review.

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