Dissecting Tomb Raider’s E3 Trailer

Dissecting Tomb Raider’s E3 Trailer

1 By Kayla Herrera

Tomb Raider was once unrivaled in the action-adventure category. But that was a long time ago, way back in 1996. With recent games feeling like tired cash-ins and a little series called Uncharted recently pulling the rug out from under Lara, Square Enix has decided to reboot the franchise. They’re taking players all the way back to Lara’s formative years, heavily centering on the time before she developed a thicker skin. Square Enix released a debut CG trailer back in June of 2011, but they showed off the first gameplay trailer at E3 2012.



Traveling on the ship, Endurance, with Captain Conrad Roth, the crew comes upon a colossal storm, which tears at the vessel, causing it to hurtle ashore an island in Dragon’s Triangle. Croft becomes conscious in a cave amongst some fellow cadavers. While trying to escape, she becomes injured. Before the collapse of the cave, Croft fights off an outlandish figure and barely makes it out alive. From here on out, it is a game of survival. Finding food and water, combating local animals, locating the rest of the crew and avoiding vicious mercenaries is all in a day’s work. It is up to Lara to piece together the crew, fight off island enemies and get everyone off this island safely.


This new chapter, the first in a new take on the series, looks to show players where Lara got all of her experience. An adventurous girl on the verge of adulthood, Lara struggles to survive in a trial-by-fire, life or death situation. Square Enix has assured us that Lara will no longer be a superwoman, but a very mortal teenager who’s out of her depth until she finds the inner strength needed to weather the storm. They’re hoping this will help gamers forge an emotional connection with the character, instilling a whole new level of respect for Lara Croft.


Square Enix is hoping for a March 5th, 2013 release for Tomb Raider– but it’s been delayed once already.