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WWE RAW 1/2/2012 – The Return Of Chris Jericho

WWE RAW 1/2/2012 – The Return Of Chris Jericho

The inaugural WWE RAW show of 2012 held quite a few surprises. The always-awesome Chris Jericho finally returned, after weeks of cryptic videos heralding the return of “a prophet”. Kane continued to spread his message of hate and tried unsuccessfully to turn John Cena to the dark side, as well as drag Zack Ryder to hell (or at least underneath the ring, which probably isn’t too pleasant either).


John Cena, Big Show & United States Champion Zack Ryder def. Mark Henry & Jack Swagger



This was a six-man elimination match, but at the outset,  Mark Henry and Jack Swagger were ditched by their partner Kane, whose music played without him appearing. The first two eliminations were Mark Henry and Big Show via double count-out. Swagger used the Ankle Lock on Zack Ryder, but Long Island Iced Z struggled through and tagged John Cena, who hit Swagger with the Attitude Adjustment for the win.




After the match, Kane finally made his presence known by ripping through the ring (!) , choking out John Cena and attempting to drag Zack Ryder to his doom.





Cena went after Kane, but before he could grab him, a huge fiery blast erupted from the hole in the ring, and Kane presumably escaped or died a horrible death.




The Bella Twins def. Kelly Kelly & Eve




The Bella Twins took on Kelly Kelly and Eve, wearing some crazy cat suits that seemed to be seconds from exploding off their bodies. Using some crafty chicanery and swapping places while the ref’s back was turned, the Bellas took the win.




Dolph Ziggler def. WWE Champion CM Punk by Count-Out



CM Punk was once again screwed by Interim RAW General Manager John Laurinaitis. Punk used the GTS and Anaconda Vise on Ziggler, making him tap, but the ref’s back was turned. Thanks to the RAW GM’s interference the match ended in a count out, and while the rules state that you can’t win a title based on a count out, Dolph Ziggler ran away with the gold anyway.


Chris Jericho Returns!


After weeks of cryptic videos permeating WWE’s broadcasts, the returning superstar turned out to be Chris Jericho. Judging by the content of the video packages most would be forgiven for assuming it was The Undertaker. Going by Jericho’s demeanor and the crowd’s reaction, the videos seem quite a bit out of character for him. He didn’t speak at all, which was a bit odd. He simply soaked in the rabid “Y2J” and “welcome back” chants, ran around the ring high-fiving fans, and left. He was out there for about 10 minutes and wore quite possibly the craziest jacket I’ve ever seen.


Even in a backstage, unaired attempted interview, Jericho refused to speak, simply smiling and walking back to his dressing room. When asked if he would take part in the upcoming Royal Rumble, he simply stopped, turned on the lights of his crazy jacket, and kept walking. It’ll be interesting to hear what he has to say on next week’s RAW.



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