Gameloft Releases Modern Combat 3 On Android Market

Gameloft Releases Modern Combat 3 On Android Market

Gameloft today announced the release of the critically acclaimed Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nation, previously exclusive to the iTunes App Store, on Android Market. Currently available for $6.99, the FPS throws you into an “apocalyptic battle for freedom of the United States.”



Here are some of the game’s features:


  • SOLO CAMPAIGN – A 13 mission operation taking players from Los Angeles to Pakistan that features AAA scenario-scripting and multiple types of gameplay ranging from escort and destroy to helicopter, 4×4 chases, and more!
  • UPGRADED EFFECTS – Enjoy next-gen GFX allowing for unprecedented rendering of environments and improved SFX and voice acting, in addition to a new spring and slide feature.
  • MULTIPLAYER – Enter battles with up to 12 players at a time in 6 exclusive maps and 7 different modes. Players can also use customized weapons to move up the leaderboard with more than just ranks.


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