InFamous 2: Festival of Blood Review

InFamous 2: Festival of Blood Review

2 By Jason Matthew

At the start of InFamous 2: Festival of Blood, a hot, cleavage-baring chick walks into a bar and sits right next to a fat guy who looks like he’d have no chance with her. What’s a guy to do in this situation? Apparently, make up a crazy ass Halloween-themed story about his celebrity friend to get her attention. He spins a yarn about the New Marais “Pyre Night”, a festival in which everyone parties and lights fires to drive away evil spirits and to keep Bloody Mary at bay. Cole is at the center of this fable, and that’s our intro to Sucker Punch’s latest outing, InFamous: Festival of Blood.


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InFamous 2: Festival of Blood is DLC, I suppose, but it’s also kind of a stand alone title, seeing as it can be downloaded and played even if you don’t own inFamous 2 like me. This is quite cool, and I wish more games would start doing this with DLC. It gives you an opportunity to try out the mechanics of the main game without having to throw down a full $60, and will probably net Sucker Punch a hell of a lot more DLC sales than usual.


I played the Playstation Plus 60 minute trial of inFamous 2 a while back, and you can read what I thought of it here. I wrote in that article about how much improved inFamous 2 was compared to its predecessor. The graphics, gameplay and story all took a big step up. Since InFamous 2: Festival of Blood is essentially an extension of inFamous 2, it shares all of these qualities as well.


At the outset of InFamous 2: Festival of Blood, Cole is trying to help some citizens escape a crumbling catacomb, and is quickly taken by vampires as a sacrifice for their leader Bloody Mary. She bites into him, her life force is rejuvenated, and Cole is now a bloodsucker himself. He has 8 hours before he permanently becomes Bloody Mary’s slave. It all feels a lot like some Halloween Special, with a lot of tongue-in-cheek humor as in Red Dead Redemption’s Undead Nightmare DLC.


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InFamous 2: Festival of Blood’s campaign lasts around 2 hours, and a good section of inFamous 2’s map is yours to play around in. There’s even all new underground catacombs for you to explore to your heart’s content. There’s new enemies, like the annoying, huge, teleporting Firstborn demon, some standard vamps with crossbows, and wall-hanging harpies with machine guns. You’ll unlock new powers as well, by staking the undead in the city through the heart. One of these moves, a shadow teleport that can knock back a foe, works very well on the annoying Firstborn demons, so keep that in mind. Speaking of which, you also have the ability to turn into bats and fly around this time, and it’s a pretty damn cool feature. Overall, Festival of Blood really makes full use of its Halloween setting and tone, and has a lot of fun with it.


Once you’ve beaten the campaign in InFamous 2: Festival of Blood, there’s still a lot of stuff to do, like collect Canopic jars filled with blood that grant you new powers, audio logs from Bloody Mary to find, etc. inFamous 2’s UGC mission creator returns as well, and you can create some of your own using the robust editor or try out some other user creations. This should keep you busy for a while as there are some pretty clever missions here. If you enjoyed inFamous or inFamous 2, you’ll definitely get a kick out of InFamous 2: Festival of Blood. I’d still have to give the Halloween-themed DLC edge to Undead Nightmare, but this is almost as fun.


[easyreview title=”InFamous 2: Festival of Blood” cat1title=”Verdict” cat1detail=”A fun, well-timed Halloween special of a game.” cat1rating=”4.0″]