Streets Of Rage 2 PS3 Review

Streets Of Rage 2 PS3 Review


Streets of Rage 2 was probably one of the best side-scrolling brawlers back in the day. There were probably hundreds made back then, it was the Call Of Duty clone of its day. My all time favorite is Spider-Man and Venom: Maximum Carnage. Some others would say Double Dragon (I loved that one too) or maybe Golden Axe. SOR2 is still fun today.


When you start SOR2, you can pick from 4 characters, all infinitely cliche 80’s and with absolutely ridiculous names to boot. You’ve got Blaze, Max, Axel, and Skate. Don’t pick Skate. Just don’t.


The gameplay is just as you’d expect if you’ve ever played a Genesis-era brawler. You punch, kick, and super uppercut guys until they die. There’s not much else to say really, besides that you get to use weapons that you pick up on the street.


Streets of Rage 2


Every level introduces a new type of enemy. You will fight carbon copies of the same enemy thousands of times throughout your playthrough of Streets Of Rage 2. Adding a new enemy type on each level is obviously a design choice to combat the feeling of repetitiveness, but it only does so much. The game is very fun, especially for its time, but the gameplay does grate on you by the time you reach the final level. Me and my girlfriend played co-op and she was having fun at first, since she loved playing Genesis back in the day, but by the end we were both looking at each other and thinking, “When does this end?”. One last note: This game has friendly fire, meaning when you throw a punch in the vicinity of your friend, they will lose health. My girlfriend was very annoyed by this, and kept saying, “I’m sorry!” every time she dragon punched me into oblivion.


This PS3 port is obviously a cash grab, and it’s the same version you played in the Sonic Ultimate Genesis Collection a few years back. You can smooth the graphics if you want, just like you could in that game, and nothing else is added, besides more trophies, which surely will entice some people enough to buy it again. I got it for free with my Playstation Plus subscription.


Streets of Rage 2


The game has 12 trophies (I believe all games in this Sega Vintage Collection series do). If I’m right it is currently exclusive to Playstation Plus but will shortly be available to everyone.┬áIf you’re a fan of the genre, Streets of Rage is worth picking up, but don’t expect it to keep you entertained for too long.

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  1. Even if your opinion was good, this game is still around 20 years old. Anyone who has liked or likes the game would hardly consider what you have to say about it pointful.

    • This version just came out last year, which is when I wrote this review… I’m aware the original game is 20 years old but this is a review of the re-release. For PlayStation Network

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