World of Warcraft Free Starter Edition (Free-to-Play) Impressions

World of Warcraft Free Starter Edition (Free-to-Play) Impressions

0 By Michael Uy

World of Warcraft has gone Free-to-Play. At least, until you hit level 20.

It’s been awhile since I’ve stomped around Azeroth on my troll fire mage. I remember that being loads of fun until it got boring and I ended up hanging out waiting for the next battleground match to start up.

Mind you, my time on that realm was a few years ago. However, I recall the lower level battlegrounds to be most fun of all the brackets. Perhaps it’ll be worth the horrendously long install and patch process to get my toon’s squishy parts demolished by more experienced players again. This time, it’ll be for free!

I can just chill at level 19 and remain in that bracket forever, right?

In any event, if you haven’t tried this one out, it might be time to give it a shot. It’s much more open than their previous time-limited free trial.

The link to sign up for free isĀ here.

Take a look at the trailer for WoW’s newest expansion, Cataclysm which Blizzard released a few months ago. (Wasn’t enough to get me back, but maybe it’ll work with you.)