FOX Engine Screens

FOX Engine Screens

Here are screens from Hideo Kojima’s new proprietary graphics engine, the FOX Engine. It looks very promising thus far. We’d love to see a new Metal Gear with this engine. (NOTE: This engine is for current gen consoles, PS3 and Xbox 360, with a next gen version being developed as well.)


FOX Engine Tech 1 Women


FOX Engine Tech 2 Man


FOX Engine Tech 3 Jungle Horse


FOX Engine Tank Battle

3 thoughts on “FOX Engine Screens

  1. This…is impressive, I must say. Now let's hope someone gets a hold of it and makes an awesome game with it.

  2. I'm probably the minority here, but I'm not really impressed with how this looks. Compare these screens with say the new Unreal Engine Demo that got released a few months back, and I feel that the Unreal Engine update is definitely superior. Of course, that all comes down to taste, and it's only screenshots. theres no telling what the physics and lighting can do between the 2 engines.

  3. Of course that Unreal Engine looks way better, but that was running on supercomputers. This engine is for current consoles, Xbox 360 and PS3.

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