2 Broke Girls – The Complete Second Season DVD Review

2 Broke Girls – The Complete Second Season DVD Review

0 By Jason Matthew

2 Broke Girls is a comedy that follows friends and roommates Max (Kat Dennings) and Caroline (Beth Behrs) as they wait tables at a diner while struggling to pay their rent. The pair have a dream of opening a cupcake business, a fantasy that becomes a reality for a short while in Season 2. Max and Caroline’s cupcakes get a great review from Martha Stewart, and a lucky break in real estate and finances finally gets them the shot they deserve. Of course, with the show’s title being what it is, obstacles pop up to knock them back down a peg or two. But the show’s heart and edgy comedy stem from the crazy situations that these two (and the bizarre lineup of supporting characters) find themselves in, and pull each other back out of.

 2 Broke Girls - Kat Dennings Beth Behrs Matthew Moy


Max is the quick-witted, sarcastic “bitch with a heart of gold” on the show, while Caroline is a former rich girl and the “straight man” of the series. They are definitely what holds the show together, as Dennings’ dry humor and Behrs’ physical comedy rise above the often crass, sometimes racist jokes, stereotypical characters, and predictable situations. The original season of 2 Broke Girls turned out to be a ratings hit in 2011-2012. That said, the Blu-ray version must not have sold well, as Season Two is only being made available in a standard-definition DVD release.


The supporting characters are pretty funny throughout Season 2, even if they’re mostly caricatures and stereotypes. Han (Matthew Moy) is a short asian man with a thick accent who owns the diner that Max and Caroline work at. Earl (Garrett Morris) is the cool cat, flirtatious old black man who provides the girls with sage advice from time to time; sometimes he’s around just to anchor a joke about slavery (of which there are more than a few, looking back). Oleg is a foreigner and diner cook whose accent is indistinguishable – he is in a semi-relationship with Sophie (Jennifer Coolidge), and their crazed sex acts together are the source of many of the show’s gags this season. Sophie also appears to have quite a bit of money – she helps the girls financially and acts as a bit of a godmother to them. The characters and setups can seem a bit too on-the-nose at times, and the humor can be quite raunchy and overly edgy, but after a few episodes I found myself warming up to the series. There are 24 episodes spread across three disks.

 2 Broke Girls Season Two - Han and Max Kat Dennings


As for extras, there’s a half-hour behind the scenes featurette called “Max’s Homemade Cupcakes: Go Big or Go Broke!” as well as a seven minute feature called “2 Broke Girrllss! With Sophie Kachinsky” which shed light on the actors’ thoughts about the show and the origins of Jennifer Coolidge’s over-the-top Sophie character. 2 Broke Girls at Paleyfest 2013 offers a lengthy interview with the cast and producer of the series. There are also six deleted scenes and a gag reel.


Overall, 2 Broke Girls: The Complete Second Season is recommendable for fans of the show, as well as those who don’t mind a ton of dirty jokes in their sitcoms. The package may have been downgraded to a DVD-only release, but the extras are improved over the previous season.