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March 28, 2012 0

Rayman 3 HD Review

By Jason Matthew
Rayman 3 HD is a beautiful game. HD remakes are definitely the hot new thing, and gamers have shown with their wallets that they still want to replay the classic games of last generation. With Rayman: Origins recently receiving plenty…
March 3, 2012 0

Rayman 3 HD – Power-Ups Trailer

By Jason Matthew
Ubisoft has released a new trailer for its upcoming HD remaster of Rayman 3: Hoodlum Havoc.  The game features an improved framerate of 60 fps, as well as HD resolution, achievements/ trophies, unlockables, mini-games, and 15-20 hours of gameplay in…
November 4, 2011 0

10 Ways To Die In Rayman Origins

By Jason Matthew
Rayman Origins is an upcoming title from Ubisoft that returns Rayman back to his 2D roots, with beautiful 2D graphics in full high definition and 4 player co-op. Sounds awesome to us- check out the new trailer and screens below!…