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June 21, 2011 1

Battle: Los Angeles Blu-Ray Review

By Jason Bakker
At the start of Battle: Los Angeles, we meet Staff Sergeant Michael Nantz. He is getting older, and it is shown that he can’t quite keep up with his fellow soldiers any more, so he makes the decision to…
June 18, 2011 2

Splinter Cell Conviction Review

By Jason Bakker
Does Splinter Cell : Conviction live up to the hype after years in development? The answer is an emphatic yes.   Ubisoft took some huge risks when they decided to completely overhaul Splinter Cell from the ground up in 2007.…
June 7, 2011 3

Mortal Kombat Review

By Jason Bakker
Does the newest entry in the near 20 year old Mortal Kombat series deserve your attention? Mortal Kombat offers a deep gameplay experience that very few fighting games can claim. NetherRealm Studios has raised the bar in this entry, and…
March 31, 2011 0

Mass Effect 2- Arrival DLC Review

By Jason Bakker
A good prequel to Mass Effect 3. IGN named Mass Effect 2 as the 2010 Game of the Year. The game undoubtedly deserves this merit, as well as the countless others that various gaming media has showered upon it. I…