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August 12, 2011 2

Torchlight Review

By Jesus Rivera
Torchlight is the cartoonish, lighthearted brother to the behemoth that is Diablo, but is Torchlight in the same league as those legendary games?
August 9, 2011 0

Book Review: Cory Doctorow’s For The Win

By Michael Uy
  Cory Doctorow’s For The Win does a great job of illustrating the fact that the line between the real world and the digital world has indeed been blurred. I downloaded this for free on the day it came out,…
August 2, 2011 1

Dead Block Review

By Jesus Rivera
By Jesus Rivera Dead Block hit the Xbox Live Arcade Store a few weeks ago, and while it’s a fun game, it does have its drawbacks. The biggest one would be the fact that a game so clearly begging to…