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September 22, 2011 0

TrackMania 2: Canyon Review

By Jason Bakker
TrackMania 2: Canyon is not your standard racer. I had only briefly played the first TrackMania before launching into this new entry, and I wasn’t quite sure what to expect. After playing just a few rounds, however, I was addicted.…
September 18, 2011 2

Angry Birds – PC Review

By Esteban Cuevas
What is it about these birds that attracts so much attention? Rovio’s Angry Birds is a mainstream success and is one of the only mobile games worth the space on your cell phone of choice. Choice is certainly the appropriate…
August 12, 2011 2

Torchlight Review

By Jesus Rivera
Torchlight is the cartoonish, lighthearted brother to the behemoth that is Diablo, but is Torchlight in the same league as those legendary games?
July 2, 2011 0

Opinion: League of Legends Tribunal

By Michael Uy
On Tuesday mornings, around 10:00 AM EST, I arrive at my desk from my day job ready to fire up some League of Legends matches and hopefully pwn some noobs. It’s normally not at the top of my mind that…
June 18, 2011 2

Splinter Cell Conviction Review

By Jason Bakker
Does Splinter Cell : Conviction live up to the hype after years in development? The answer is an emphatic yes.   Ubisoft took some huge risks when they decided to completely overhaul Splinter Cell from the ground up in 2007.…
March 31, 2011 0

Mass Effect 2- Arrival DLC Review

By Jason Bakker
A good prequel to Mass Effect 3. IGN named Mass Effect 2 as the 2010 Game of the Year. The game undoubtedly deserves this merit, as well as the countless others that various gaming media has showered upon it. I…