Category: Comics

August 26, 2011 1

DC Comics Relaunch: The New 52 #1 Issues

By Reuben Gurevich
This September, DC Comics relaunches its entire catalog of books with 52 premiere issues.  Every week next month, approximately thirteen new #1’s will hit store shelves, giving readers new and old a chance to get in on the ground level,…
August 19, 2011 1

A Guide To Gaming Conventions

By Jessica Winkler
Gaming conventions are a great way to meet new people, hang out with old friends, and get the inside scoop on all things related to the gaming industry. They are used for networking, promoting, and just having an all around…
June 16, 2011 3

Green Lantern- Critics’ Consensus

By Jason Bakker
Most people , especially those of us that pay attention to comic book movies, saw this coming. Green Lantern is a pretty epic fail.   IGN has given the film 2 stars out of 5, while Roger Ebert gave the…