Author: Kayla Herrera

Kayla is a freelance writer for WHOA Magazine, music writer for CHAOS Magazine, virtual intern for and keeps up on her own gaming blog. She enjoys writing and lives everyday to do it. When she's not writing, Kayla is gaming or watching movies. Graduating soon with a Bachelor's in Communications and a Minor in Journalism, she hopes to take this world by storm.
July 13, 2012 0

Pro Cycling Manager 2012 Review (PC)

By Kayla Herrera
Pro Cycling Manager 2012 was released June 21 this year, just days before the Tour De France. Cyclists everywhere could gear up for the big race on their own, running their Pro Manager cyclists on sprints and timed trials to…
June 28, 2012 0

Watch Dogs Is Worth Watching Out For

By Kayla Herrera
With the gameplay demo at E3, Watch Dogs stunned viewers with its impeccable graphics and environmental design, full of subtle touches which blurred the line between reality and video game, creating a world not far off from our own.
June 15, 2012 3

Wreck-It Ralph Has Gamers Thrilled

By Kayla Herrera
If you take pleasure in gaming and haven’t heard of the animated film Wreck-It Ralph yet, get ready to be excited. Walt Disney Animation Studios’ film has already received a multitude of attention with the debut of the official trailer.…