Robot Chicken Season 7 DVD Review

Robot Chicken Season 7 DVD Review

If you’ve never watched an episode of Robot Chicken before, it’s a little hard to describe. The show is comprised of completely random, short comedy sketches that mock all forms of pop culture, focusing mostly on films, video games, comics and old 80s cartoons. Just imagine a bunch of filthy-minded, drunken adults playing with the action figures of their youth, and turning their insane, very politically incorrect ideas into janky stop-motion animation (with celebrity voice-overs). The Robot Chicken Season 7 DVD is also chock full of gratuitous violence and uncensored nudity, so be warned that this is absolutely not something you want to watch around children. With all of that said, adults with a twisted sense of humor will definitely get a lot of big laughs from Robot Chicken Season 7’s bite-size, 11-minute chunks of irreverent comedy.

For the most part, the sketches on Robot Chicken Season 7 are successful, featuring famous fictional characters in realistic situations or interacting with real-life celebrities. Some of my favorite sketches included the Santa Claus character voiced by Seth McFarlane; one has Santa slowly realizing that life is morally grey and most children cannot be labeled as simply naughty or nice, while others feature Santa arguing with his annoying next-door neighbor Superman and granting soldiers’ Christmas wishes on the frontlines of a battlefield. Other sketches draw laughs from their sheer stupidity and ridiculousness, such as TMNT’s evil Shredder falling in love with April O’Neill, a Star Trek night crew full of college frat boys, a super-lame Batman villain, and multiple sketches poking fun at the film Man of Steel. Fan-favorite character Bitch Puddin’ (a Strawberry Shortcake character played by Katee Sackhoff)  gets an entire 15-minute special dedicated to her, which definitely has some funny moments but overstays its welcome a bit.

Similarly, there are a number of sketches on the Robot Chicken Season 7 set that, as short as they are, begin with a funny premise that fizzles out quickly, as the writers beat the same joke into the ground. There are a number of cut sketches that are talked about and even shown briefly in the special features, and it’s pretty obvious why most of them were left on the cutting room floor – they just were not funny. There are quite a few sketches that made the cut but would have greatly benefited from being 20-30 seconds shorter and not dragging things out.

The Robot Chicken Season 7 DVD set has a wide array of special features, from cast and crew commentaries on the episodes to behind-the-scenes looks at how the animation is created, deleted animatics, outtakes, interviews and more. We even get to see some pranks that the crew play on each other, such as a bet on who can survive eating 30 sugar-free gummi bears, made infamous by hilarious Amazon product reviews.

In short, if you’re a fan of Robot Chicken, you will probably enjoy Season 7, and there are plenty of special features on this DVD set that are worth watching. It’s also the only way to see the uncensored version of the sketches, and the only disappointing aspect of this release is that there is no Blu-ray option available, unlike past seasons. Those who enjoy crude, lowbrow, silly humor will likely find a lot to love here; those who like their comedy intelligent and thought-provoking should stay far away.

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