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Toontrack Made of Metal and Metal Machine EZX Review

Toontrack Made of Metal and Metal Machine EZX Review

Toontrack’s EZmix and EZdrummer lines have done a great job at simplifying the songwriting and mixing process for producers all over the world. Created with a mindset of keeping things as straightforward as possible, these software lines provide users with fantastic sounds that require minimal tweaking. If you’re looking for a million knobs to turn and sliders to play with, look elsewhere. But if you’re looking to record your tracks and get them sounding awesome as quickly as possible, Toontrack’s EZ line has you covered. Now the company has released two incredible expansions for EZdrummer 2 – Metal Machine, created by world-renowned metal producer Andy Sneap, and Made of Metal, from Sneap’s brother-in-arms and equally respected producer Colin Richardson.

Toontrack continues their tradition of time-saving and creativity-inspiring software with EZdrummer 2. Simply tap to find the groove you’re looking for, customize the loop on the fly with velocity and complexity controls, and select a drum kit and mix preset that suits your song. Rinse and repeat – you’ve got a complete, professional-sounding drum track in minutes. It couldn’t be any easier, and that’s one of this software’s biggest selling points. When you just want to lay down some riff ideas, EZdrummer 2 makes putting a killer demo together a breeze. And when your mix reaches its final stages, you can tweak the sample sounds to your heart’s content, routing every single mic in the kit to its own audio track for maximum control.

Colin Richardson’s Made of Metal EZX pack sees him teaming up with drummer Jason Bowld (Pitchshifter), recording some of the best-sounding drum kits at Belgium’s Galaxy Studios. The result is hard-hitting, full-sounding drum samples that sound very natural and organic. Recorded through some of the world’s finest modern and vintage outboard gear, in an enormous live room to capture its beautiful reverb decay, these are some of the best modern metal drum samples around. All of the samples sound huge, and I was a bit amazed at what was coming through my monitors with no tweaking whatsoever. When you need a great drum sound out of the box, Made of Metal has got you covered, and they sound even better after some adjustments in your DAW. There are some fantastic MIDI grooves included, featuring everything from intros to verses to bridges and fills. Same goes for the Andy Sneap Metal Machine pack.

Andy Sneap is one of the world’s most sought-after metal producers, and with good reason. With fantastic albums from bands like Trivium, Megadeth and Dimmu Borgir under his belt, the man has brutal, hard-hitting metal down to a science. In spite of all the noise thrown into the average metal mix, from screaming vocals to walls of distorted guitars to ground-shaking bass, Andy Sneap manages to reign it all in with a clear, focused sound. So it’s no surprise that his Metal Machine EZX pack features punchy drums with a clear sound that cuts right through even the heaviest of mixes. The drums have a full midrange, with just enough bottom end (without being muddy) and high-end crack (without sounding harsh). These are truly rich, fully processed tones that sound lifted straight from Sneap’s records. Add in the ambience and reverb mics to really bring some life into the kit and add some of Henson Recording Studio’s wonderful room to the mix.

In short, if you’re looking for ground-shaking, thunderous drum samples that are ready to rock and roll at a moment’s notice, look no further than Toontrack’s Metal Machine EZX and Made of Metal EZX packs. If you’re looking for unprocessed samples to build your own sound from the ground up, go with the Superior Drummer 2.0 expansion packs, but either way, you won’t regret purchasing these samples.

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