Batgirl #36 Review

Batgirl #36 Review

Batgirl #36 has a strong anime influence, as Barbara chases down two twin girls that have stolen prototype motorcycles from her school. The twins cosplay as characters from a Japanese cartoon that Barb watched as a kid, and she slowly pieces the puzzle together by visiting her local comic shop to learn more about the obscure show.

There’s a lot of great action throughout Batgirl #36, as well as plenty of interesting character interactions between Barb and her friends, and even some flashbacks to her growing up with her father. Barb recalls watching an episode of the show Atomina, and pieces together a strategy based on how the heroine of the show defeated a team called the Jawbreakers. Canary also shows up for a bit at the beginning, and Barb flirts with a teacher at her school.

The artwork throughout Batgirl #36 is impressive, just as the previous issue was. Babs Tarr’s pencils are fantastic, giving life to the characters’ expressions and lending a dynamic feel to the battles against the Jawbreakers. While the dialogue feels like it’s catering to the young hipster crowd, overall it is engaging and interesting, and feels pretty natural. The writers do a great job once again of showing off Barbara’s brilliant mind, as she dissects situations in front of her in a heartbeat to solve any problem.

Overall, Batgirl #36 is a fun issue that fans of anime/ manga will get a kick out of. The artwork and story are very well done, and the fight scenes are impressively rendered.

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